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A Woman With "Passion"


Sometimes TRAMACTIC incidents can help you find your passion!


After a major car accident, shattering my right hip and my left arm and learning my face went through the windshield - The recuperation time had me thinking...hummm, what's my PURPOSE? I've always had PASSION for interior / exterior designing...SANTOSHA DESIGNZ became a reality~

Even with your arm in a sling, I rehabbed in my own garden. I started designing water features. It was like a NEW ME and I decided to just go all in!  I've always had a love of gardening!! I literally grew up planting, harvesting, canning etc. I've had Apple trees. Pear trees, Grapevines I'm a huge Organic Gardener. I only believe in sustainable agriculture and I’m a big environmentalist!



"I’m all about recycling, reusing and repurposing everything. 

As my friends say, I have a real passion for 'making something out of nothing"

My grandmother, my mother and especially my great grandmother (she was called big grandma) she had 10 kids and the way she fed My parents/Aunts Uncles was through a gigantic garden. I got seriously into "Feng Shui" and Healing Gardens. I learned about Energy ="Chi" all of the elements: Fire, Water, Metal & Wood.  The Chi. Its energy and how to harness it. My biggest "Mantra", is Food Is Medicine.





Outside of being CEO of Santosha Designz, Donna sits on the board of  "2nd Opportunity".

A L3C  Non-Profit. Helping newly released citizens gain full employment and make a living wage. 



I’m big on water features & water falls. Creating amazing spaces.


Learning how water interacts and how to bring Prosperity and Healing into a space using the different elements of "Feng Shui" 

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